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Engineering - Civil and Structural Engineering

Title Start Date Month Duration Location 1 Location 2
How to calculate the amount of concrete structure needed below the ground2018-02-25February, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurAmman
Cracks in the reinforced concrete (types, causes and remedy)2018-03-04March, 20185 DaysCairoJeddah
SAP2000 program and construction elements of concrete buildings2018-03-04March, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurDubai
Autodesk revit - architecture and structure2018-03-11March, 20185 DaysSharm ElsheikhIstanbul
Design of road and bridge2018-03-18March, 20185 DaysAlexandriaMuscat
Inspection and monitoring and evaluation of buildings construction work2018-03-25March, 20185 DaysCairoDammam
Industrial safety (Occupational Safety and Health) in the  construction sector2018-04-01April, 201810 DaysSharm ElsheikhWhshington
specifications works of reinforced concrete2018-04-08April, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurRiyadh
Management of claims and change orders in the construction sector (level1)2018-04-15April, 20185 DaysCairoAmman
Management of claims and change orders in the construction sector (level2)2018-04-22April, 20185 DaysAlexandriaDubai
Advanced thinking and global positioning systems updated for the management and maintenance of buildings and facilities2018-04-29April, 20185 DaysSharm ElsheikhMuscat
Laboratory and field tests and Structural damage diagnosis2018-05-06May, 20185 DaysCairoDubai
How to measure and calculate quantities for civil engineering2018-05-13May, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurRiyadh
STEEL STRUCTURES “Design & Construction”2018-06-17June, 20185 DaysAlexandriaJeddah
Construction contracts management for construction projects2018-06-24June, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurDammam
SAP2000 program and construction elements of concrete buildings2018-07-01July, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurMuscat
Reinforcing properties for construction2018-07-08July, 20185 DaysSharm ElsheikhAmman
Review construction designs for buildings and bridges2018-07-15July, 201810 DaysCairoNew York
Traffic movement organization according to the turkish experince2018-07-22July, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurJeddah
Disasters and Crises management in the construction sector2018-07-29July, 20185 DaysAlexandriaRiyadh
Restoration of concrete structures2018-08-05August, 201810 DaysCairoLondon
Construction Management2018-08-05August, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurDammam
Advanced Concrete Technology2018-08-12August, 20185 DaysSharm ElsheikhDubai
Construction materials characterization, tests and adoption2018-08-26August, 20185 DaysAlexandriaAmman
Advanced Analysis Of Staad Pro 20072018-08-26August, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurMuscat
Structural Steel Design - Pipe Rack, Shelters, Pipe Supports, Platforms And Ladders2018-09-02September, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurDubai
Cracking and collapse of concrete structures2018-09-09September, 201810 DaysSharm ElsheikhSydney
Asphalt admixtures2018-09-16September, 20185 DaysAlexandriaJeddah
Assessment Of Defects In Concrete Structures And Evaluation Of Safety Of Concrete Infrastructure2018-09-23September, 20185 DaysCairoKuwait City
Structural Design For Non Structural Engineers2018-09-30September, 20185 DaysSharm ElsheikhRiyadh
Construction Management And Supervising Multiple Projects2018-10-07October, 20185 DaysAlexandriaRiyadh
Construction Quality Control On Site2018-10-14October, 201810 DaysCairoBerlin
Structural Renovation Of Buildings2018-10-21October, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurMuscat
Construction contracts management for construction projects2018-10-28October, 20185 DaysSharm ElsheikhDubai
Inspection, Assessment And Repair Of Concrete Structure2018-10-28October, 20185 DaysCairoAmman
Design, Inspection, Repair And Maintenance Concrete Structure In Petrochemical Plants2018-11-04November, 20185 DaysSharm ElsheikhManama
Civil engineering with concept of value engineering2018-11-04November, 20185 DaysAlexandriaRiyadh
Building Finishes And Rehabilitation Works2018-11-11November, 20185 DaysCairoMuscat
Responsibilities and duties of building inspectors2018-11-18November, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurDubai
building defects diagnosis, its causes and remedy2018-11-25November, 201810 DaysAlexandriaJakarta
Excellence and innovation in structural engineering and Performance Concrete design2018-12-02December, 20185 DaysCairoManama
Engineering Supervision and The Assets of Implementation2018-12-09December, 20185 DaysSharm ElsheikhRiyadh
Prepare and review the structural specifications of buildings and facilities2018-12-16December, 201810 DaysCairoSingapore City
Design and quality control of concrete admixtures2018-12-23December, 20185 DaysAlexandriaDubai
Modern methods of strategic planning processes design2018-12-30December, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurJeddah