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Accountancy - Insurance

Title Start Date Month Duration Location 1 Location 2
Medical insurance and Medical liability2018-02-25February, 20185 DaysCairoJeddah
Fire and Natural disaster insurance2018-03-04March, 20185 DaysSharm ElsheikhAmman
Civil liability insurance resulting from the use of Air and Marine Vehicles2018-03-04March, 201810 DaysAlexandriaLos Angeles
Analysis and conclusion of health and medical insurance contracts2018-03-11March, 20185 DaysCairoDoha
Diploma for qualifying the new staff of insurance companies2018-03-18March, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurIstanbul
Life insurance contracts(Individual - group)2018-03-25March, 20185 DaysAlexandriaCasablanca
Fire insurance & Losses assessment2018-04-01April, 20185 DaysCairoMuscat
Analyzing and making insurance contracts2018-04-08April, 20185 DaysAlexandriaCasablanca
General Insurance (Fire - Engineering - General Accident - Allied risks)2018-04-15April, 201810 DaysKuala LumpurGeneva
Customer Relationship Management for the insurance sector2018-04-22April, 20185 DaysAlexandriaIstanbul
Engineering Insurance2018-04-29April, 20185 DaysCairoJeddah
Marine Hull Insurance2018-05-06May, 20185 DaysAlexandriaRiyadh
Risk Management for Social Insurance2018-05-13May, 20185 DaysCairoIstanbul
Export Loans Insurance2018-06-17June, 201810 DaysKuala LumpurSingapore City
Scientific methods of internal audit for insurance companies2018-06-24June, 20185 DaysCairoRiyadh
Insurance against physical accidents2018-07-01July, 20185 DaysAlexandriaDoha
Agricultural Fire Insurance2018-07-08July, 20185 DaysCairoRiyadh
Marketing of medical insurance services2018-07-15July, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurIstanbul
Marketing of medical insurance services2018-07-15July, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurIstanbul
Insurance Coverages for Communication companies2018-07-22July, 20185 DaysSharm ElsheikhDammam
Terms of Arbitration and Insurance dispute resolution2018-07-29July, 201810 DaysCairoRome
Supervision and control systems over the insurance sector2018-08-05August, 20185 DaysAlexandriaCasablanca
Insurance (General)2018-08-05August, 201810 DaysCairoGeneva
Reinsurance and technical accounts2018-08-12August, 20185 DaysSharm ElsheikhRiyadh
Vehicle insurance2018-08-26August, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurIstanbul
Modern methods of insurance compensation management2018-08-26August, 20185 DaysAlexandriaDubai
Air vehicles bodies insurance2018-09-02September, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurDoha
Air vehicles bodies insurance2018-09-02September, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurDoha
Vehicle insurance2018-09-09September, 20185 DaysAlexandriaAmman
Exports earnings insurance Course2018-09-16September, 201810 DaysCairoLos Angeles
Automobile insurance2018-09-23September, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurDammam
Basics of marketing and selling insurance (Insurance Marketing Services)2018-09-30September, 20185 DaysSharm ElsheikhJeddah
Marine Insurance2018-10-07October, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurAmman
Customer relations management2018-10-14October, 20185 DaysAlexandriaDubai
Social Insurance - practical applications in both public and private sectors2018-10-21October, 20185 DaysSharm ElsheikhJeddah
Management and accounting of health insurance2018-10-28October, 20185 DaysCairoIstanbul
Terms of Arbitration and Insurance dispute resolution2018-10-28October, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurMuscat
Insurance against Transport risks (Maritime - goods)2018-11-04November, 201810 DaysAlexandriaGeneva
Credit risk insurance2018-11-04November, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurDammam
Computer Fraud in Insurance companies2018-11-11November, 20185 DaysSharm ElsheikhAmman
Insurance management for its various kinds2018-11-18November, 201810 DaysAlexandriaWhshington
Pricing management in health insurance2018-11-25November, 20185 DaysCairoJeddah
Insurance Coverage2018-12-02December, 20185 DaysAlexandriaAmman
International experience in Banking Insurance Management2018-12-16December, 201810 DaysKuala LumpurBarcelona
Supervision and control systems over the insurance sector2018-12-23December, 20185 DaysCairoIstanbul
Contractor Plant and Machinery Insurance2018-12-30December, 201810 DaysAlexandriaKuwait City
Management and collection of insurance premiums2019-12-09December, 20195 DaysSharm ElsheikhDubai