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Accountancy - Zakat and Islamic banks

Title Start Date Month Duration Location 1 Location 2
Introduction to the Fiqh of Mu'amalat (Jurisprudence of transactions)2018-02-25February, 20185 DaysCairoMuscat
Zakat and Tax accounting2018-03-04March, 20185 DaysAlexandriaCasablanca
Islamic financing and investing2018-03-04March, 20185 DaysSharm ElsheikhDubai
Zakat institutions and their development role (Kuwait and Malaysia as a model)2018-03-11March, 20185 DaysCairoAmman
Islamic banking development2018-03-18March, 201810 DaysKuala LumpurRome
Professional development and performance improvement for leaders and administrators involved in the Islamic financial work2018-03-25March, 20185 DaysSharm ElsheikhRiyadh
Preparatory course of Saudi fellowship test for Zakat and tax2018-04-01April, 201810 DaysKuala LumpurSingapore City
Liquidity and credit risk management for Islamic Financial institutions2018-04-08April, 20185 DaysCairoIstanbul
Marketing and sale of Sharia-compliant banking products2018-04-15April, 20185 DaysAlexandriaAmman
Islamic Financial Engineering & Hedge Fund Industry2018-04-22April, 201810 DaysSharm ElsheikhGeneva
Asset and Liability Management in Islamic banks2018-04-29April, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurDoha
Economic Feasibility Study and Project Assessment from an Islamic Perspective2018-05-06May, 20185 DaysCairoCasablanca
Terms and principles of Zakat accounting2018-05-13May, 201810 DaysSharm ElsheikhSingapore City
Financial aspects of Islamic banks in stock exchange2018-06-17June, 201810 DaysAlexandriaRome
Special Course in Principles of Islamic Banking2018-06-24June, 20185 DaysCairoDubai
Bad debts Management in Islamic banks & Shari'ah controls2018-07-01July, 201810 DaysKuala LumpurGeneva
Sukuk: Shariah Guidelines for Islamic Bonds2018-07-08July, 20185 DaysAlexandriaKuwait City
Basic principles of conversion process to Islamic banking2018-07-15July, 20185 DaysCairoMuscat
Shariah Auditing Course2018-07-22July, 20185 DaysSharm ElsheikhDoha
Zakat and Income Accounting2018-07-29July, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurIstanbul
Financial Transactions in Islamic Jurisprudence - introduction2018-08-05August, 20185 DaysSharm ElsheikhJeddah
Islamic banking development2018-08-05August, 201810 DaysCairoBerlin
Monetary and financial policy tools of the Islamic Economy2018-08-12August, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurDubai
Standards of Fatwa and governance in Islamic banks2018-08-26August, 20185 DaysAlexandriaRiyadh
Profit Distribution Policy in Islamic Financial Institutions2018-08-26August, 20185 DaysCairoIstanbul
Basic principles of Islamic banking: Formulas & Operations2018-09-02September, 201810 DaysKuala LumpurSydney
Dealing in the stock market according to the rules of Sharia2018-09-09September, 20185 DaysAlexandriaCasablanca
Zakat and Income Accounting2018-09-16September, 20185 DaysCairoDubai
Special Course in Principles of Islamic Banking2018-09-23September, 20185 DaysSharm ElsheikhRiyadh
Banking leadership and banking challenges2018-09-30September, 20185 DaysAlexandriaAmman
Auditing and inspection for banking sector2018-10-07October, 201810 DaysSharm ElsheikhSingapore City
Investment management in Islamic banks2018-10-14October, 20185 DaysSharm ElsheikhIstanbul
Principles of Credit Rating of Islamic Securities2018-10-21October, 201810 DaysKuala LumpurBerlin
Project management according to Shariah Guidelines2018-10-28October, 20185 DaysCairoCasablanca
Mechanisms to attract money for the Islamic banking2018-10-28October, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurMuscat
Advanced Islamic Banking Course2018-11-04November, 201810 DaysAlexandriaGeneva
Strategic Planning & Key Performance Indicators KPIs in Islamic banks2018-11-04November, 20185 DaysCairoDubai
Economic Feasibility Study and Project Assessment from an Islamic Perspective2018-11-11November, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurIstanbul
Human resources development for the Islamic financial institutions2018-11-18November, 201810 DaysSharm ElsheikhBarcelona
Documentary Credits for the Islamic banks2018-11-25November, 20185 DaysAlexandriaDoha
Advanced Islamic banking2018-12-02December, 201810 DaysKuala LumpurGeneva
Islamic Shariah rooting of Loans, Sales and Participations2018-12-09December, 20185 DaysAlexandriaJeddah
Shariah and Technical applications for financing The internal and external operations of Islamic banks2018-12-16December, 20185 DaysCairoAmman
Total quality management from an Islamic perspective2018-12-23December, 201810 DaysSharm ElsheikhSingapore City
Project Management according to Islamic Shariah Laws2018-12-30December, 20185 DaysAlexandriaIstanbul