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Accountancy - International Trade and Economic

Title Start Date Month Duration Location 1 Location 2
Recent trends for international trade2018-06-24June, 201810 DaysAlexandriaGeneva
Skills to deal with foreign trade & Gulf Cooperation Council GCC2018-07-01July, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurRiyadh
Macro-economic analysis skills2018-07-08July, 201810 DaysCairoCasablanca
Concept of modern international trade2018-07-15July, 20185 DaysAlexandriaIstanbul
Risk Management in International Trade Finance2018-07-22July, 201810 DaysSharm ElsheikhBarcelona
The Economic Value of Communities and their relation to expenditure2018-07-29July, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurMuscat
Preparation of feasibility studies and projects evaluation2018-08-05August, 201810 DaysKuala LumpurSingapore City
Computerized operations of Foreign trade2018-08-05August, 20185 DaysAlexandriaIstanbul
Types of International Economic Groupings2018-08-12August, 20185 DaysCairoAmman
Recent trends for international trade2018-08-26August, 20185 DaysSharm ElsheikhDubai
Skills to deal with foreign trade and partnership with the European Union2018-08-26August, 201810 DaysAlexandriaParis
Economic feasibility study for projects2018-09-02September, 201810 DaysKuala LumpurGeneva
International trade advantages and challenges2018-09-09September, 20185 DaysCairoKuwait City
Payment methods of foreign trade & Performance assurance mechanisms2018-09-16September, 20185 DaysAlexandriaMuscat
Skills to deal with foreign trade and partnership with the European Union2018-09-23September, 20185 DaysSharm ElsheikhDoha
Payment methods of foreign trade & Performance assurance mechanisms2018-09-30September, 20185 DaysKuala LumpurIstanbul
Formulation of international trade contracts2018-10-07October, 20185 DaysAlexandriaJeddah
Payment methods, guarantee mechanisms for Foreign Trade and International sales terms (INCOTERMS 2000)2018-10-14October, 201810 DaysCairoBerlin
Re-examine the project feasibility study in light of the actual operation outcomes2018-10-21October, 20185 DaysDubaiKuala Lumpur
COMESASkills to deal with foreign trade and COMESA agreement2018-10-28October, 20185 DaysSharm ElsheikhRiyadh
International Contracts and Agreements2018-10-28October, 20185 DaysAlexandriaIstanbul
Prepare the economic feasibility study (Practically and Scientifically)2018-11-04November, 201810 DaysKuala LumpurSingapore City
Economic feasibility study of projects using (Microsoft Project)2018-11-04November, 20185 DaysCairoDammam
Macroeconomics for non-specialists2018-11-11November, 20185 DaysAlexandriaRiyadh
Types of International Economic Groupings2018-11-18November, 201810 DaysKuala LumpurIstanbul
Modern theory for international trade2018-11-25November, 20185 DaysCairoMuscat
Macroeconomics for non-specialists2018-12-02December, 201810 DaysSharm ElsheikhSydney
Skills to deal with foreign trade and partnership with the European Union2018-12-09December, 20185 DaysCairoDammam
 Modern trends for Digital Economy2018-12-16December, 20185 DaysAlexandriaJeddah
Concept of modern international trade2018-12-23December, 201810 DaysKuala LumpurLos Angeles
Integrated Program in Economics, Financing and Foreign Trade2018-12-30December, 20185 DaysCairoMuscat