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Engineering 2019 - Mechanical and hydraulic engineering 2019

Title Start Date Month Duration Location 1 Location 2
Control of Three Phase Induction Motor"2019-01-06January, 20195 DaysSharm ElsheikhAmman
Practical Pump & Valve Technology "2019-01-13January, 20195 DaysKuala LumpurRiyadh
Hydraulic circuits"2019-01-20January, 20195 DaysCairoIstanbul
Repairing electronic panels in refrigeration and adaptation units"2019-01-20January, 20195 DaysAlexandriaDubai
Maintenance of mechanical installations & processing & handling"2019-01-27January, 201910 DaysSharm ElsheikhParis
Identification and diagnosis of mechanical faults for cranes and conveyors with weights 40-6 - 100 tons"2019-02-03February, 20195 DaysCairoDubai
Operation and control of steam stations"2019-02-10February, 20195 DaysSharm ElsheikhDammam
Plotting and scheduling computer maintenance system"2019-02-10February, 20195 DaysAlexandriaDoha
engine processing"2019-02-17February, 201910 DaysSharm ElsheikhGeneva
Mechanical calibration and measurement methods"2019-02-24February, 20195 DaysKuala LumpurAmman
Operation and maintenance of gas turbines"2019-03-03March, 201910 DaysCairoNew York
Automated control systems using programmed logic controller"2019-03-10March, 20195 DaysAlexandriaDammam
Management skills of engineers and technicians"2019-03-17March, 20195 DaysSharm ElsheikhIstanbul
Reverse engineering and industrial applications"2019-03-17March, 20195 DaysCairoDubai
Lubricating technology"2019-03-24March, 20195 DaysKuala LumpurJeddah
Maintenance of vessels and heat exchangers"2019-04-07April, 20195 DaysAlexandriaAmman
Advanced principles for measuring engineering dimensions and inequalities"2019-04-14April, 201910 DaysCairoBerlin
Internal combustion engines"2019-04-21April, 20195 DaysKuala LumpurRiyadh
Automatic control systems at temperature and fluid levels"2019-04-21April, 20195 DaysAlexandriaIstanbul
Vibration analysis in rotating equipment"2019-04-28April, 20195 DaysSharm ElsheikhDammam
Raising the skills of mechanical painters"2019-05-05May, 20195 DaysCairoJeddah
Root Cause Failure Analysis "2019-05-05May, 201910 DaysAlexandriaGeneva
Programming of numerical control machines (CNC)"2019-06-09June, 201910 DaysSharm ElsheikhWhshington
Maintenance of diesel engines"2019-06-16June, 20195 DaysKuala LumpurDubai
Operation and control of steam stations"2019-06-23June, 20195 DaysCairoAmman
Hydraulic circuits"2019-06-30June, 20195 DaysAlexandriaIstanbul
Pumps and compressors (operation and maintenance)"2019-07-07July, 20195 DaysKuala LumpurDubai
" Troubleshooting Process Operation"2019-07-07July, 20195 DaysAlexandriaAmman
Fault fillings and leakage barriers"2019-07-14July, 201910 DaysSharm ElsheikhParis
Heat exchangers with casing and tube"2019-07-21July, 20195 DaysCairoDammam
Examine and test the hot parts of the gas turbine"2019-07-28July, 20195 DaysKuala LumpurIstanbul
Programmed logical control and planning of electrical faults"2019-08-04August, 20195 DaysKuala LumpurJeddah
heat exchangers"2019-08-18August, 201910 DaysAlexandriaGeneva
Optimal reliability of rotating equipment and continuous improvement"2019-08-18August, 20195 DaysSharm ElsheikhAmman
Storage tank management systems"2019-08-25August, 20195 DaysCairoRabat
Operation and maintenance of steam boilers (boilers)"2019-08-25August, 20195 DaysKuala LumpurDoha
Principles and standards of electrical mechanics (electromechanics)"2019-09-01September, 201910 DaysKuala LumpurBerlin
Methodology of failure analysis of mechanical systems"2019-09-08September, 20195 DaysAlexandriaKuwait City
Hydraulic power system"2019-09-15September, 20195 DaysSharm ElsheikhRiyadh
Improving the efficiency of steam systems"2019-09-22September, 20195 DaysCairoIstanbul
Applied Combustion Technology"2019-09-29September, 20195 DaysKuala LumpurDammam
Centrifugal Compressor & Steam Turbine: Design, Operations & Maintenance "2019-10-06October, 20195 DaysAlexandriaDubai
Applications of hydraulic cracking"2019-10-13October, 20195 DaysCairoRabat
 AutoCAD and its mechanical applications"2019-10-20October, 201910 DaysKuala LumpurSingapore City
 Mechanical design using: Inventor"2019-10-20October, 20195 DaysAlexandriaIstanbul
CNC Lathe and Digital Engraving"2019-10-27October, 20195 DaysSharm ElsheikhAmman
Introduction to CNC machines"2019-11-03November, 20195 DaysCairoDammam
 Industrial pneumatic cycle"2019-11-03November, 20195 DaysAlexandriaIstanbul
Mechanical Design: SolidWorks"2019-11-10November, 20195 DaysSharm ElsheikhDubai
Heat exchangers with casing and tube"2019-11-17November, 20195 DaysCairoBeirut
The balance between the components of the stomach"2019-11-24November, 201910 DaysKuala LumpurNew York
 Design course using Cad Cam"2019-12-01December, 201910 DaysSharm ElsheikhWhshington
Programmable Logic Controller"2019-12-08December, 20195 DaysKuala LumpurDubai
Maintenance of mechanical installations & processing & handling"2019-12-15December, 20195 DaysCairoRiyadh
Hydraulic control and maintenance of equipment"2019-12-22December, 20195 DaysAlexandriaIstanbul
Energy Efficiency, Design, Engineering and Auditing"2019-12-29December, 20195 DaysSharm ElsheikhJeddah