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Maritime Transport & Customs Clearance 2019

Title Start Date Month Duration Location 1 Location 2
Customs clearance2019-01-20January, 20195 DaysSharm ElsheikhJeddah
Customs Risks Management2019-01-20January, 201910 DaysKuala LumpurBerlin
Fraud in marine insurance2019-01-27January, 20195 DaysAlexandriaRabat
Safety on anchors and ports2019-02-03February, 20195 DaysSharm ElsheikhDoha
Customs policies and international law2019-02-10February, 20195 DaysKuala LumpurAmman
Electronic tracking system & Control rooms2019-02-10February, 201910 DaysCairoNew York
skills of preparation of customs reports and records2019-02-17February, 20195 DaysAlexandriaDammam
Recent trends in the detection and preview methods2019-02-24February, 20195 DaysKuala LumpurJeddah
Smuggling and drug detection methods2019-03-03March, 20195 DaysKuala LumpurIstanbul
International Maritime Transport Contracts & Disputes2019-03-10March, 20195 DaysCairoRabat
Factors affecting the ways of loading and unloading in ports2019-03-17March, 201910 DaysSharm ElsheikhGeneva
Customs control methods2019-03-17March, 20195 DaysKuala LumpurRiyadh
Port Systems Course2019-03-24March, 20195 DaysAlexandriaAmman
Logistics and transport technologies2019-04-07April, 20195 DaysCairoRabat
Customs inspection and securing the ports, airports in custom way2019-04-14April, 20195 DaysAlexandriaDubai
Organizational and administrative aspects of Sea Ports2019-04-21April, 20195 DaysSharm ElsheikhJeddah
Contracts and practices and customs permits2019-04-21April, 201910 DaysKuala LumpurParis
Revised Kyoto Convention and the international trading system2019-04-28April, 20195 DaysCairoRabat
Qua;ifying heads of departments to supervision and inspection2019-05-05May, 201910 DaysKuala LumpurGeneva
Customs tariff system (Tariff - Exemptions - Revenue)2019-05-05May, 20195 DaysCairoRiyadh
Administrative and legal aspects of the ports work2019-06-09June, 20195 DaysKuala LumpurDoha
Simplifying and updating customs procedures2019-06-16June, 20195 DaysAlexandriaJeddah
Freight management and customs clearance2019-06-23June, 201910 DaysCairoBerlin
Modern methods of smuggling2019-06-30June, 20195 DaysSharm ElsheikhDubai
Rights and duties of the employee And skills of facing the puplic in the customs work2019-07-07July, 20195 DaysSharm ElsheikhRiyadh
Course in Ship and Dock Fires2019-07-07July, 201910 DaysKuala LumpurBerlin
Modern technology for Seaports management2019-07-14July, 201910 DaysAlexandriaParis
Using body language in customs inspection2019-07-21July, 20195 DaysCairoAmman
Hydraulic Testing for Ports2019-07-28July, 20195 DaysSharm ElsheikhDammam
The role of customs in the Integrity and Anti-Corruption2019-08-04August, 20195 DaysCairoAmman
Import rules and intellectual property rights2019-08-18August, 20195 DaysAlexandriaMuscat
customs dealing and insurance and shipping2019-08-18August, 201910 DaysKuala LumpurSingapore City
International trade agreements & Their practical applications in customs field2019-08-25August, 20195 DaysSharm ElsheikhDoha
Effective transit procedures2019-08-25August, 20195 DaysAlexandriaIstanbul
customs dealing and insurance and shipping2019-09-01September, 20195 DaysKuala LumpurAmman
Customs Tariff2019-09-08September, 201910 DaysAlexandriaGeneva
Security and protection of customs data2019-09-15September, 20195 DaysCairoIstanbul
The role of Customs in Anti-money laundering2019-09-22September, 20195 DaysSharm ElsheikhDammam
Integrated Customs Tariff & Statistical Data Preparation2019-09-29September, 20195 DaysKuala LumpurJeddah
The use of dogs in the customs inspection and skills to deal with it2019-10-06October, 20195 DaysAlexandriaAmman
Port Development and Competitiveness2019-10-13October, 20195 DaysSharm ElsheikhJeddah
Marine Ports Engineering (Basic)2019-10-20October, 20195 DaysCairoKuwait City
Advanced trends of Operational maintenance and its technical works2019-10-20October, 201910 DaysKuala LumpurDubai
Human resources management in terms of customs2019-10-27October, 20195 DaysCairoIstanbul
Audit the documentary Credits and bills of lading2019-11-03November, 20195 DaysKuala LumpurDammam
Measuring port performance2019-11-03November, 201910 DaysAlexandriaParis
Management and operation of container terminals2019-11-10November, 20195 DaysSharm ElsheikhDubai
The economics of Shipping2019-11-17November, 20195 DaysCairoAmman
Security Sense and customs inspection2019-11-24November, 20195 DaysAlexandriaIstanbul
procedures of Transport and clearance and insurance on exports2019-12-01December, 20195 DaysKuala LumpurDubai
Customs committees & Methods of settling customs disputes2019-12-08December, 20195 DaysCairoRiyadh
International law for the security of ships and ports ISPS2019-12-15December, 201910 DaysSharm ElsheikhParis
Gulf Customs Union2019-12-22December, 20195 DaysKuala LumpurBeirut
Security and protection of customs data2019-12-29December, 20195 DaysAlexandriaAmman