Food Safety Programs

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Course Name Location Starts Duration
Chemistry of Food Analysis kuala lumpur 8/9/2019 5 days
Basics of health food control Dubai 15/9/2019 5 days
Healthy nutrition for groups and individuals in camps cairo 22/9/2019 5 days
Health and safety of food and water Morocco 29/9/2019 5 days
The application of the HACCP system to ensure food safety Sharm El-Shikh 13/10/2019 5 days
International Food Standard (IFS) Awareness and Implementation kuala lumpur 27/10/2019 5 days
Cleaning and disinfection of food factories cairo 3/11/2019 5 days
HACCP - Food Safety Management Systems kuala lumpur 10/11/2019 5 days
Inspection on imported food shipments in ports Muscat 17/11/2019 5 days
Health and safety course meat, poultry and fish Indonesia 24/11/2019 5 days